Getting Gender Right for Organizations and Communities


Never before has it been so imperative for the health of our human community and planet that women find their voices and step into their leadership, and that men and women work together to "get gender right". LLC blends deep skills in organizational change consulting and coaching, collaborative strategies, and our own ongoing journey of empowerment to create transformational learning for women and men around gender. Customized packages for your organization can include these options:



If you have organizational culture right, you will get gender right.

Our unique approach works at the individual, group and organizational level to create a culture where women feel empowered to capitalize on their unique strengths  - and men feel empowered as allies and advocates in that process.

We use proven change strategies and cutting-edge coaching approaches to deliver results that create a better and more profitable working environment for all.  Getting gender “right” is a challenge with tremendous opportunity for any firm that chooses to address it in a non-superficial way.



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Women are the greatest untapped natural resource on the planet. . .

Regena Tomashauser