Ignite your Inner Leader!

Coaching for women


Are you ready to up-level the strength of your voice, leadership, and power? Your radiance? Your source energy?

While it is a reality that thousands of years of patriarchy have conditioned us all deeply. .

And that those models still permeate the majority of families and organizations in most countries on earth. . .

And that there are many forces that would like this to continue. . .

None of this is any match for the awakening that is occurring, inside each woman, and for many of our brothers, and in our world.

It's time for women to own our formidable power and our rightful place alongside men to lead the world forward.

Life itself  is counting on us!

There are few words of advice that have resonated as strongly with me as the ones Susan offered me in her capacity as my coach. . . Since being her client, my days are more purposeful and I have begun building a portfolio that I am proud of. She has a way of getting to the heart of what motivates you and helps you own the things that are unique to you, but she never sacrifices the practical matters of being effective in the world. . . .She truly cares about and believes in what she does. When you work with her, that passion transfers to you and then you can transfer it to your work.. . . I felt that when I was working with her I was asked to confront what was possible. . If certain practices in my industry didn’t serve me, why not challenge them instead of saying “That’s just the way things are”? That’s the mindset Susan helped me cultivate and it’s a mindset that empowers me everyday. It’s changed everything about how I work and how I see the world. I am forever grateful.

Joy Notoma, Journalist and Writer
Benin, West Africa

Together, we create a sacred, confidential and highly customized container that includes

  • Dedicated time to identify what you deeply want and an inspired roadmap to get there

  • Unlocking a fierce and bold vision of your purpose

  • Crystal clarity about the obstacles and distractions you put in your own way

  • My focused attention on you and your development

Outcomes to Expect Depending on the Unique Agenda of Each Woman

  • Increased connection to your power, life force energy, divinity, voice

  • Increased ability to handle difficult conversations, colleagues, conflict or negotiations

  • Greater clarity about how to craft a truly 21st century gender intelligent workplace that works for you and other women

  • Improved relationships and power with men

  • Greater ability to say no

  • Ensuring that you are not working harder but instead leaning back more and letting things come to you

  • Exquisite self-care

  • Increased self-worth, self-love, self-esteem, self trust

  • More money

  • Increasing sisterhood

  • More pleasure

  • Balance

My coaching clients include:

  • Women who want to have higher impact and influence

  • Women who are motivated to significantly increase the difference they make with their presence

  • Women who lead or manage others

  • Women who are interested in building a more collaborative world

  • Women who are interested in gender intelligence and expanding the feminine side of their leadership

Coaching packages include:

  • A thorough intake questionnaire and signing a coaching agreement

  • Rounds of 6 sessions (about 1 hour) over the course of approximately 3 months, typically repeating at least once for a total of 12 sessions over 6 months (skype, zoom or in person)

  • Comprehensive written feedback from each session

  • Recorded sessions if you desire

  • Mutually created action steps for in between sessions

  • Email support between sessions

  • Self-rated or 360 assessments as useful

  • 360 phone interviews with supervisors, staff, family members as needed or desired (additional charge)

  • Educational material to match your learning style and schedule (books, films, etc)

  • Roadmap for other transformational activities including whole-body retreats.

What Susan brings to her coaching. . .

Susan has been a business owner, entrepreneur, consultant and coach for over 30 years. She has extensive global experience (e.g. United Nations, Government of Afghanistan, American Express) and has worked with women and men from almost every country on earth. She is personable, warm, and passionate about supporting women in creating work in which they can thrive and re-balance our planet.  She is also the proud Mom of a daughter and son from whom she learns daily about gender intelligence.  Susan is certified by the International Coach Federation and Gestalt International Coaching. Go here for Susan's full biography.