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Shaking hands

Getting to Yes

As master negotiator, mediator, coach and facilitator, Susan blends the best practices of working with leaders, teams and systems to find shared creative vision especially with the challenge of identity group difference. The primary influences which inform her work are Gestalt Organizational models for coaching and systems intervention, years of teaching Negotiation, Mediation and Intercultural Communication for the United Nations worldwide; and The School of Womanly Arts and other programs supporting women’s transformation. Susan is on faculty of the Center for Global Affairs, New York University where she teaches “Working with Groups”.

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Susan Coleman at Conference

Keynotes & Public Speaking

Susan has delivered keynotes and public speaking engagements to 1000 women in Shanghai, the World Mediation Summit in Madrid, an Afghan delegation to the United States Department of State, NASA and Space Partners, the United Nations Secretariat staff and more.

She will customize addresses in collaboration with you on topics such as:

  • Igniting Women: The Pathway to Planetary Peace

  • The Connection Between Gender and Peace

  • Collaborative Leadership

and more. . .

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Empowered Leadership for Women

Getting Gender Right

Never before has it been so imperative that women find their voices and step into their leadership. The planet is out of balance and a core reason for this is the unrealized potential of women. Former US President Jimmy Carter, International Reporter Nicholas Kristof, women’s advocate Regena Thomashauer and countless others have identified empowering women as the most important challenge of the 21st century. Collaborating with fantastic younger colleagues, Susan provides inspirational, in-house workshops for women customized to the realities of their industry including financial services and international relations as well as "Negotiation: A Woman's Art"  and coaching and conflict coaching for women.

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Susan Coleman

The Peacebuilding Podcast: from conflict to common ground

Susan is the Creator and Host of this podcast where she interviews today’s most innovative, courageous and inspired practitioners to explore strategies to intervene in complex systems to build consensus and common ground across divides of worldview, culture and difference.

The podcast explores what interveners are doing locally and globally to inspire collaborative, life-affirming action, and solutions to complex problems.

Peacebuilding is defined here as local and global interventions whose intent is to build a new world where violent conflict is no longer interesting, and where we can genuinely and excitedly ask, “what’s next”?

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