Empowered Leadership for Women Immersion

A Retreat

Susan Coleman

Susan Coleman

Sophia Haeri

Sophia Haeri


Effective leadership is at the heart of every successful organization.  And yet, so many organizations struggle to create a leadership team that is reflective of the organization as a whole - particularly one that truly allows women to achieve to their highest potential.

As the path to leadership is fundamentally different for men and women, leadership training that is targeted toward women’s unique strengths and circumstances is essential if gender inclusion is to be more than just a buzzword.  

Our multi-pronged approach works at the individual, group and organizational level to create a culture where women feel empowered to capitalize on their unique strengths  - and men feel empowered as allies and advocates in that process.  The heart of this process is The Women's Leadership Immersion.

We customize The Immersion to your specific needs but this describes the flavor and flow.

We convene at a retreat venue in a beautiful space with good air, light, and comfort.  The retreat runs from dinner on Day 1 to after lunch on Day 3.  Two nights of sleep allow “soak time” which can substantially support a change effort of this kind.

The retreat incorporates both didactic and interactive components such as:

  • Creating Community; Establishing Norms
  • Our Collective Landscape -- A Summary of What’s Happening in the World Around Us
  •  Co-Creating a Picture of the Current “What Is” in the Organization
  • Exploring Our Sources of Verbal and Embodied Power and Greatness
  • The History of Models of Domination and Partnership and the Implications for Women
  • The History of Organizations and Future Trends with Gender Implications
  • Collaboration and Competition – Women, Negotiation and Power
  • Speaking Truth to Power, Negotiating from the Feminine
  • Channeling Anger
  • The Current State of Masculinity
  • Visioning Our Future, the Organization's Future


Please schedule a consultation about what can work for your organization.

About us:

Susan and Sophia bring a unique cross-generational and international perspective with deep passion to grow women leaders and create balance on the planet.