AEIOU Negotiation and Communication On-Line Assessment

The AEIOU is an online negotiation and conflict communication behavior assessment tool. Offered in both single and multi-rater formats, the assessment helps users to build collaborative communication, negotiation and intercultural skills.

Generally speaking, negotiations fall into two categories: those about exchange and those about conflict, with the latter category being both more prevalent and more difficult for people to manage. The AEIOU Assessment offers you an opportunity to examine the communication behaviors you use when you experience conflict and must negotiate. The assessment should give you valuable feedback whether you are interested in improving your skills in a diverse workplace, with international partners or even at home.

The Peacebuilding Podcast: Bridging the Divide

Susan is the Creator and Host of this podcast where she interviews today’s most innovative, courageous and inspired practitioners to explore strategies to intervene in complex systems to build consensus and common ground across divides of worldview, culture and difference.

The podcast explores what interveners are doing locally and globally to inspire collaborative, life-affirming action, and solutions to complex problems.

Peacebuilding is defined here as local and global interventions whose intent is to build a new world where violent conflict is no longer interesting, and where we can genuinely and excitedly ask, “what’s next”?


Susan's Publications

  • Building Common Ground: Negotiation, Mediation and Facilitation Methods (2014) Codex Alimentarius Commission
  • Collaborative Negotiation Skills with Ellen Raider
  • Mediation Skills with Ellen Raider
  • Handbook of Conflict Resolution, 3rd Ed. (2014)
  • Co-authored “Managing Conflict through Large Group Methods in Handbook of Conflict Resolution, 3rd Ed.
  •  Co-authored “Teaching Conflict Resolution Skills in a Workshop” in Handbook of Conflict Resolution, 3rd Ed.
  • “Women and Negotiation: Tips from the Field (2012) S. Coleman and D. Weaver, Dispute Resolution Magazine, Spring
  • The Sage Handbook of Conflict Communication (2006), International/Intercultural Conflict Resolution Training.