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Susan Coleman brings incredible sensitivity, insight and passion to conflict issues within organizations. She listens exceptionally well to ensure that she understands the complexity, given multiple perspectives. She then brings clarity, nuance and great facilitation skills to support organizations as they navigate their way through thorny interpersonal relationships. She is particularly sensitive to issues of race, ethnicity and gender, and has a deep commitment to helping workplaces become more inclusive.
- Sarah Bartlett, Dean, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Organizational Mediation, Coaching, Difficult Conversations

Susan takes a systems approach to conflict in organizations. 

Depending on the situation, she will

  • coach individuals

  • mediate pairs or groups

  • engage and support senior leaders in effective response

  • facilitate teams or whole systems

  • employ powerful interview and anonymous surveys for group insight and clarity

In short, she will create customized processes uniquely designed to create an atmosphere that is conducive to real communication, insight and change.

Susan has provided this type of service to international organizations, peacekeeping, universities, hospitals, high tech and others.

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