Testimonials of Participants of Recent Gender Dialogues


Marva A., 2018

“Susan was an amazing facilitator and controlling what could be construed as a sensitive and possibly volatile topic. Getting the best from the participants in a most honest and trusting way...hard conversations needs Susan’s amazing skill...” 

Gary C., 2018

As a first time participant in Susan's Gender Dialogue, I was amazed at how quickly I felt that I was in a safe environment and that I could open up and talk freely from my heart. The setting was beautiful and serene, the people were thoughtful and kind, and the rules of engagement were clear and respectful. This lead to a really warm and productive evening of provocative thought and heart-felt story telling that was beyond anything I could have imagined.

James F, 2018

“In the past, gender and gender roles were pretty much a given. And these patterns shaped our lives profoundly. Now we are able to think about gender in a variety of non-binary, expanded, and more fluent ways. Workshops like this are helpful to anyone who wants to expand their own possibilities and rethink their past.”   -

Jasmine J., 2018

Susan Coleman created a unique and a wonderful evening where men and women came together and dialogued over provocative questions which Susan put together. The whole evening flowed smoothly and was a great opportunity to bridge gaps and learn more about our commonalities and our differences. This is essential work in our time.

Robby L., 2018

The evening was both provocative and emotional and has resonated since.  I as a male have been re-educated (partially) about the dynamic of gender prejudices.   Definitely think others would benefit from such.

Jonathan S., 2018

The Gender Dialogue was an event that allowed a frank and free flowing exchange of perceptions, reactions and ideas around the issue of gender and how it affects our interchange with each other. A well structured and organized agenda and process encouraged attendees to listen to and provide a range of perspectives within the context of a warm and safe environment. I believe it left every participant with insights and reactions to keep considering and a whetted appetite for further discussion.

Anna D., 2018

It was huge for me to hear from men—I loved it.  I don’t really know men other than my husband who I know intimately and transparently.   To listen to what they had to say was inspiring and to learn they have feelings and they care—I only know that from my husband and I consider him a unique man from my past experiences with men. . .

Let’s continue to have these  necessary conversations!!

Cindy, 2018

It was beautiful to see you in action. I loved your confident, yet relaxed, approach to the evening. Everyone opened up so quickly and authentically. Thank you for such an enriching experience. 

Lise B., 2018

The discussions have been revolving in my head since (the dialogue evening) - your questions continue to bring up all kinds of other questions, and thoughts about what I said or didn't say during the actual event. I appreciate the richness of this ongoing resonance!

Wendy S, 2018

Thank you Susan for formulating . . . this gathering!  It was a wonderful night!  You had everything so well organized that the only thing I wished for was more time to delve deeper into each question. We could use an entire weekend on the last one alone. This dialogue is so important and we really have just scratched the surface. I so appreciate the awareness that I now have just remembering the topics of discussion and the commonality that was arrived at between the 2 genders. I also recognize the need to include those who don’t identify with this dual gender model and the anticipation and fear of what it might be to change the status quo. 

Yes to more of this!

Betsy C., 2018

“Susan Coleman led a stimulating symposium to explore gender issues. For me, it was a help in coping with awkward situations where I have felt disrespected. Also, there was such a warm atmosphere from many similar experiences of other women.”