Loretta Raider: Process Interventions to Quell Election-Related Violence in Sierra Leone

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I hope this post finds everyone well with projects well underway for 2016.  A central purpose of this podcast -- other than learning -- is to bring the best of coaching/organization development processes into the world of international affairs/diplomacy. In that vein, I just participated in a super interesting certification training on systemic team coaching with Professor Peter Hawkins based in the UK.  For those wanting to bring collective leadership and collaboration into conflict-affected systems and organizations and communities in general, I think this approach is powerful and scalable. I am stoked and will be in the process of learning more and, of course, using the methodology with my clients. Professor Hawkins has also agreed to be a future podcast guest to specifically discuss the approach as it applies to mediation and building peace. So stay tuned.

In this current episode, I interview Loretta Raider, a seasoned practitioner of organization development, conflict resolution and large group processes.  In response to severe election-related violence, Loretta gives a detailed account of a multi-faceted approach to working throughout Sierra Leone using parts of Future Search, Open Space, conflict resolution and other methodologies to pre-empt future violence. Subsequent elections were peaceful and, while it is hard to be sure of the reasons, it is easy to assume that Loretta and her partners’ work contributed to that outcome. Loretta also talks about more recent initiatives to build positive change and peace in communities throughout Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis and recovery period.

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The next episode of The Peacebuilding Podcast will feature Scientific American writer, John Horgan who wrote The End of War which gives the scientific evidence for why ending war is thoroughly within our grasp.

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