John Horgan: The End of War

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Do you believe that war is an inevitability that has been going on since the dawn of humankind? If yes, please make sure you listen to this episode -- and, ok, please listen anyway! In this podcast, I interview longtime Scientific American writer John Horgan who, drawing from the scientific evidence, counters the conventional wisdom that war is a foregone conclusion. John summarizes many of the points in his book and makes the case that, biologically speaking, we are just as likely to be peaceful as violent. War is not preordained, and furthermore, it should be thought of as a solvable, scientific problem.  John summarizes what we know about human history – that the evidence of violent conflict between humans is just not there for 99% of our existence on this planet.  He makes a strong case for why we should be optimistic that ending war is attainable and what we might focus on to make that happen. This is a message that I think is so important to hear and is supported by two other of my favorite books - Bill Ury's Getting to Peace and Rianne Eisler's the Chalice and the Blade.  

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