Ava Bynum: Sowing the Seeds of Peace in Public Schools

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Happy 2016!  

The Peacebuilding Podcast is looking forward to an exciting year of great interviews.  Upcoming episodes feature:

  • Gay Rosenblum-Kumar, a conflict transformation specialist with 30 years of experience in the United Nations and NGO's
  • Zachary Metz, a partner at Consensus and the Director of its Peacebuilding practice and
  • Loretta Raider, who heads a global consulting firm specializing in organization development and peacebuilding.

So, stay tuned for some super interesting conversations.

This week, please join me as I interview Ava Bynum, the 23 year old Executive Director of Hudson Valley Seed (and, with full transparency, my amazing daughter).  Ava talks about what kids learn when they build gardens and grow vegetables – skills like cooperation, patience and an understanding of the natural processes of life that nurture peace.  Bynum also talks about how school gardens can be a focal point for collaboration and building communities beyond the classroom.

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Thanks for listening and be sure to tune in again for next week's episode.  


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