Naghmeh Sobhani: Peacebuilding Through Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The U.S. holiday Thanksgiving got me a little behind with my commitment to airing shows each Thursday.  I am more or less on track with the number of shows, just a little behind in terms of when I am getting them posted.  A lot to learn in this world of podcasting! I'm finding that potential shows are coming at me right and left -- it's a little overwhelming (given that I also have a day job), but super exciting. I think I will have a lot of very interesting people to share with you, so please stay tuned.

I really appreciate those of you who have sent me feedback, both what you like, and your suggestions for improvement, and am doing my best to incorporate all of the latter that I can.

Over the holiday, I was out in the Southwest visiting my son on the U.S. side of the Mexican border.  Our intent was to be in a remote place -- and it was -- but nonetheless, plenty of opportunity for peacebuilding  between issues around water, grazing, extraction and immigration. I am searching out now someone who has been working those issues from the stance of a neutral who I can get on the show so stay tuned for that.

In Episode Four, I interview Naghmeh Sobhani who worked for 15 years in post-war Bosnia running an extraordinary and systemic peacebuilding initiative through the ministry of education that resulted in unprecedented levels of collaboration among factions of educators that parallelled the identity-group divides of the civil war. Naghmeh has been an intrepid peacebuilder.

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