Cohort Coaching

Coaching as a small group of 6-8 committed members can be a turbo-charged container for growth and community either inside or outside of an organizational context. With coaching guidance, group members set personalized or group goals, bring professional challenges into a confidential container and provide support and challenge to each other. Group coaching packages include:

  • A thorough intake questionnaire and individually signing a coaching and group commitment agreement

  • Rounds of 6 sessions (about 2 hour5) over the course of approximately 3 months, typically repeating at least once for a total of 12 sessions over 6 months (skype, zoom or in person)

  • Recorded sessions if desired

  • Individual or group action steps for in between sessions

  • Email support between sessions

  • Self-rated or 360 assessments as useful

  • Educational material to match your learning style and schedule (books, films, etc)

  • Roadmap for other transformational, especially whole-body activities.

What Susan brings to her coaching. . .

Susan has been a business owner, entrepreneur, consultant and coach for over 30 years. She has extensive global experience (e.g. United Nations, Government of Afghanistan, American Express) and has worked with women and men from almost every country on earth. She is personable, warm, and passionate about supporting women in creating work in which they can thrive and re-balance our planet.  She is also the proud Mom of a daughter and son from whom she learns daily about gender intelligence.  Susan is certified by the International Coach Federation and Gestalt International Coaching. Go here for Susan's full biography.